Electric cars are the new technology, and this is how Americans can take up these cars

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Experts anticipate the Joe Biden administration and General Motors to facilitate the distribution of electric cars all over America. The Trump administration initially stopped this transition, which placed tariffs on imported vehicles and increased the registration fees for these cars. Nevertheless, the new administration is handling things well with the latest technology expected to revive the manufacturing sector, create employment opportunities and minimize emissions that eventually resolve climate change problems.

The electric vehicle industry still faces major impediments in its penetration and operations in the US. The toughest of the challenges is the lack of a market-ready to take up the cars. Electric vehicles and hybrids were the least purchased cars last year, totaling 2% of the country’s car sales. This number is the least in the mega markets, with countries like China adopting the vehicles fully.

Statistics indicate that about 14% of Americans would purchase electric cars, whereas 73% of Chinese would do the same. Analysts attribute the electric vehicle trend in America to the high upfront costs of buying them and the scarcity of charging stations to refill these cars. These two factors are what the other countries are dealing with to remain on top of the market. Moreover, the US has not passed as many regulations supporting electric vehicle uptake as China has done.

Here are some basic strategies that the US can deploy to surpass these challenges. First, Congress must pass policies that will make electric vehicles affordable to the ordinary people in the country. Additionally, the legislators can reevaluate the taxes implied on electric vehicles to promote fairness in their prices. However, Republicans are expressing a different opinion thinking that these ideas would make the electric vehicle industry benefit more than the internal combustion engine car developers. The continuous battle between the Republicans and Democrats over such matters is only going to hurt the economy, making the life of an average American even more expensive.

The government can decide to develop more electric vehicle charging stations to sustain the electric vehicle fleet. Moreover, companies like Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, and UPS have purchased electric vehicle fleets that will be providing services in the country. However, the government should institute tax incentives and support the development of electric vehicle charging stations to promote the uptake of these cars. Moreover, it will be an opportunity for the country to resolve the climate change problems and head in the same direction as the other countries.