The Biden administration pumping resources towards the migration from emissive transportation technology to electric vehicle technology

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The US National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy stated that the Biden administration is in the process of implementing clean energy strategies. One of them is the shift to clean electric vehicles instead of the internal combustion engine cars that are harmful to the environment. Gina explained that the government plans on developing over 500000 electric vehicle chargers to support the switch to clean energy cars.

The electric vehicle charging stations’ installation is anticipated to be above $39.2 billion through the next five years. Gina stated these expectations from the government in a meeting involving the shareholders and lawmakers in the electric vehicle and electric vehicle charging sectors. Some of the notable participants in this meeting include the chief executive officers of companies involved in the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, officials from the National Economic Council and the Council of Environmental Quality, and the seniors from the Department of Transportation.

Such a meeting is a demonstration by the Biden administration that they are ready to witness green energy fusing with clean electric vehicle technology to resolve the climate change problems. The leaders view the realignment of the national renewable energy infrastructure to support electric vehicles as a technique of rejuvenating the manufacturing sector, create new jobs in the market and accelerate economic revival from the demeaning effects of the pandemic.

Gina McCarthy’s statement is a model of what the government is doing to establish executives and policies that can mitigate the climate change problem. The Democrats unanimously agreed to introduce policies that facilitate greenhouse gas emissions reduction to net-zero in the next three decades. Additionally, this trend is taking shape even in the local sector to develop local infrastructure for both energy and electric vehicles.

The CLEAN Future Act requires the extraction of 100% of the energy running the electric vehicles from renewable energy sources. This plan is to beginning taking shape by the end of this decade. The federal government is just part of the actors facilitating the switch to electric vehicles together with their supportive infrastructure.

Additionally, various utilities have agreed to support the development of a network of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the major highways. These concerns from all the players in the industry indicate that the entire country is ready to advance in the renewable energy sector while also advancing the uptake of electric vehicles. Finally, it will be exciting to witness Americans take up affordable electric vehicles after a leadership change.