Global OEM chooses Eaton’s energy distribution technology for new EV platform

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The move to a cleaner environment is inevitable since the world is trying to make up for all the damages it has caused to the environment for decades. Different governments and companies demonstrate their commitment to the net-zero-emission target by setting up policies and inventing new technologies to make the transition possible. One of the areas that will play a key role is the electric vehicles industry. Fortunately, the private and public sectors are working together to improve this field. It is no secret that the world of EVs keeps evolving daily as different companies develop various technologies and products to back up the transition to clean energy.

A recent report by Eaton’s mobility business shows a milestone closer to a digital world since the company recently secured a deal as the leading supplier of Bussmann series fuses and power distribution units. The power management company will be part of the making of a new battery-electric car. This EV is a lightweight commercial vehicle, a sector that is growing regarding BEVs. The Power distribution Units (PDUs) have a scalable design suitable for use in various future electric vehicles.

Eaton acquired this deal from its commitment to technological innovations and its PDU features, design, and reliability. PDUs, also called the fuse boxes or junction boxes, play the primary function of connecting the key battery power to the other vehicle parts. Additionally, these fuse boxes provide a safety function since it features a circuit protection feature.

Unlike most of the competitors in the supply bid, Eaton has a powerful integration between the PDUs and the Bussman series fuses, offering protection to 4 auxiliary circuits. Eaton’s product strategist, Kevin Calzada, commented on the deal claiming that Eaton is deserving of the supply deal thanks to their experience and its features. Its development team used its experience and expertise to produce a functional, reliable, and cost-effective product that meets the new EV requirement. Also, this product underwent vigorous testing to guarantee lost-lasting services.

Kevin explained that fuse durability is a unique feature in the industry and will help the new EV reduce risk. He stated that without a stable fuse, an EV would have issues, but it will demonstrate long-term, high-quality services with its fuse operation coordination. The OEM also wished to acquire PDUs targeting delivering a high level of security. And Eaton offered a product with an outstanding design delivering safe services and repair.

Eaton’s Mobility is a popular business that is a collaboration between Eaton’s Electrical and Vehicle firms. And it is working hard to offer powerful products and exciting technologies in various sections. People are looking forward to innovations from the company.