Nicole Robinson appointed as the Ursa Space Systems’ President

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Nicole Robinson is leaving SES, a satellite communications fleet provider, to become president of the Ursa Space Systems, which is a geospatial analytics company located in Ithaca, New York. Robinson served as a senior vice president of the global government at SES when she met Adam Maher, the Chief executive officer and co-founder of the Ursa Space, in the year 2020.

Robinson informed SpaceNews, “I did my research to comprehend synthetic aperture radar (SAR), Earth-observation, as well as the role Ursa was performing in the market.” “The more I heard, the more I understood that there must be something I can add to this team that will help them advance.” Ursa Space, which was established in 2014, gathers imagery as well as data from the SAR satellite operators all over the world and combines it with other forms of data to address questions for the government as well as commercial clients. For instance, the firm is well-known for tracking crude oil storage across the world.

Ursa “intends to broaden its product range for both commercials as well as government clients” with Robinson’s help, as per a February 26 press release. Despite her reluctance to quit SES, which she described as “home,” Robinson has been fascinated by space sector startups since SES acquired O3b in the year 2016. “The energy from this 100-person [O3b] group imprinted itself on the DNA of SES, that had been working in a specific way for years,” Robinson explained. “I required more of this energy, that thought management, and that pushing the limits.”

Robinson joins Ursa at an especially busy time for SAR. The SAR satellite fleets are being developed or expanded by companies all over the world. “By the completion of 2021, I assume there will be more than 40 SAR satellites, approximately twice what we had last year,” Robinson predicted. “Ursa will collect all of the data and upload it to our platform.”

Ursa is a highly reputable satellite intelligence firm headquartered in the United States that offers on-demand analytic applications to business as well as government decision-makers. Ursa tracks real-time shifts in the physical environment using their radar satellite network as well as data fusion expertise to improve transparency. Their subscription and the custom services give you access to satellite imagery and the analytic results without regard to geography, politics, or weather.

The Ursa platform integrates the world’s leading virtual radar satellite constellation with sophisticated AI and data fusion to provide an unrivaled all-weather, day/night determination benefit. They make it simple for you to get the latest up-to-date technology in an accessible format. Their one-of-a-kind event detection service helps consumers to be the first to hear about major changes in the world.